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    World Kindness Day - Celebrate With Cindy Alexander

    Celebrate World Kindness Day with Cindy Alexander and Blue Élan

    Every year on November 13th, countries across the world come together to celebrate the importance of being excellent to each other by observing World Kindness Day. Founded in 1998 by a coalition of kindness advocates from around the globe, World Kindness Day encourages us to see past our individual differences, and to take actions, large or small, that help spread compassion and thoughtfulness.

    World Kindness DayIn honor of World Kindness Day this year, we're celebrating one of the kindest artists out there — Cindy Alexander. As some folks know, Cindy was the very first artist to sign with Blue Élan all the way back in 2014, and she's still part of the family today. In her music, Cindy often shares uplifting and positive messages — whether it's her album, Nowhere To Hide, showing the value of one's unfiltered talents, or her song "Wonderful," shouting out her support network of family and friends.

    To pass that kindness on to all of you, from today until 11/15, take 10% off all products in our store with the code CINDY10 at checkout. That’s right. All Blue Élan merch and music in our store, from Cindy'sNowhere to HideCD, to Chelsea Williams' "Beautiful and Strange" bundle, is eligible... even on top of our 30% holiday sale! While music is what started our relationship with Cindy, it's her kindness and compassion that have turned her into a Blue Élan staple. Going beyond the thoughtful messages in her lyrics, Cindy has a reputation of showing her appreciation and compassion for her fans, fostering personal relationships both in person and digitally, and even going so far as to bring home-baked cookies to share at each of her shows. We urge you to take a page out of Cindy's book and show a little extra kindness today — maybe even show your appreciation for Cindy by sending her music to a friend and spreading the message yourself!