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    The Vegabonds' "Heartache and a Memory" Out Now

    A breakup song you can dance to, The Vegabonds' "Heartache and a Memory" is out now

    The Vegabonds - Heartache and a MemoryStraight off The Vegabonds' upcoming album, Sinners and Saints, you can listen to their new single, "Heartache and a Memory" today. Click here to stream:

    Here's what Danny from the band had to say about the new track:

    Hey y'all,

    We're excited to share our newest single “Heartache and a Memory.” Some of you may recognize this track from our shows this summer, and we love the reaction it's been getting. 

    It’s a breakup song you can dance to. The song is about that moment in limbo when you know you’re going to split up, but you’re still together going through the motions. It’s that time of mentally wrestling with holding on to great memories while knowing you have to face the heartache that lies ahead.