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    The Rembrandts Release "Me And Fate", The Final Single Off Of "Via Satellite"

    Click here to listen to The Rembrandts' "Me And Fate", the final single leading into Via Satellite!

    Blue Élan Records is excited to share The Rembrandts' latest single, “Me And Fate”, from their upcoming album Via Satellite- available everywhere August 23! For any Lonely Hearts Club members out there, it’s been said this one has a jaunty, Beatles-esque vibe to it: "Me And Fate" is the final single until the release of Via Satellite, and we've updated the bundle listings in our store with a new t-shirt design to reflect that! If you haven’t already purchased the album, don’t wait - you’ll get a free download of the singles already out now plus “Me and Fate.” P.S. Those who have already purchased the album, don’t worry, we’re sending you an exclusive discount, check your inbox!