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    Soul Asylum's new album, Hurry Up and Wait, is out now!

    Wait no longer! "Hurry Up and Watch" with Soul Asylum today as they livestream across the internet in celebration of their new album!

    Grammy-award winning, multi-platinum selling rock band, SOUL ASYLUM has been counting down the days to the release of Hurry Up and Wait, officially out today via Blue Élan Records. With live shows at a stand-still due to the current “Stay at Home” orders, the band has a day of events lined up with radio stations, retail and media outlets as well as on their own social media platforms to keep fans entertained and engaged all day long! Beginning Friday at 12:30 pm CT and continuing throughout the day and evening, Dave Pirner and bandmates, Michael Bland, Ryan Smith and Wynston Roye will be performing live, taking questions and participating in events with outlets such as The Minneapolis Star Tribune, The Current, SiriusXM, Guitar World, First Avenue, American Songwriter, Down in the Valley Record Store, KARE/NBC 11, and Spin Magazine as well as live on the bands own social media platforms. A full schedule of events can be seen HERE. In other news, the band will release a limited edition 180 Gram LP + Bonus 7 inch of the album for Record Store Day. The exclusive release features a cover of "Rhinestone Cowboy" on the A Side (a staple from their live show), and an acoustic version of "We 3" on the B-Side. “We 3” is a fan favorite from the band’s album, And the Horse They Rode In On. It was also featured in the 1997 Kevin Smith cult classic Chasing Amy. Hurry Up and Wait was mastered by Grammy-award winning engineer Emily Lazar, and certainly echoes of all the eras, and influences on, SOUL ASYLUM’s work. "Make Her Laugh" is a laid-back, Stones-inspired jam; "Freezer Burn" marries hardcore energy to supercharged melodic punk riffing; and "Here We Go" is a pristine, lovelorn song with a deeply sentimental core while the smoky guitars of "Social Butterfly '' incorporate a dreamy aesthetic reminiscent of The Smiths, along with indie-pop acts. Lead single "If I Told You," meanwhile, is quintessential SOUL ASYLUM: Chiming riffs, an evocative guitar solo, and wistful Pirner vocals and lyrics unite to create a vibe that's melancholy but lovely. "I did sort of put my guard down," Pirner says. "And I was like, 'Well, this time, I'm going to just go with whatever seems to be working, and I don't really care what kind of music people want to call it.' It's a little raw and forthcoming in the way that I didn't second guess it. There's a lot of just letting it come out as opposed to trying to force something." It helped that SOUL ASYLUM recorded Hurry Up and Wait with a long-time studio collaborator: co-producer John Fields, who also worked on the band's previous three albums. Frontman Dave Pirner, generally considered one of America's greatest songwriters, recently released his new book entitled Loud, Fast, Words, an annotated collection of lyrics with an essay about each of his albums. SOUL ASYLUM were at the tail-end of their 25-city tour with Local H when the Stay at Home orders came down. The last week of dates, including a headlining slot at the Blue Élan Records Official SXSW Showcase, we abruptly canceled. Spanning three decades, SOUL ASYLUM ’s indie success led to the band entering the major-label mainstream with 1988's Hang Time and its 1990 follow-up And the Horse They Rode In On, before achieving a platinum-level commercial breakthrough with 1992's Grave Dancers Union (certified 3x platinum) and 1995's Let Your Dim Light Shine. Grave Dancers Union featured the international hits "Runaway Train," which won a 1994 Grammy as Best Rock Song, and "Black Gold," while Let Your Dim Light Shine (platinum) spawned the hit "Misery." After 1998's Candy from a Stranger, SOUL ASYLUM returned to action in 2006 with The Silver Lining, Delayed Reaction six years later and most recently with 2016’s Change of Fortune. The current SOUL ASYLUM line-up features Dave Pirner as lead vocals/guitar, Michael Bland on drums, Ryan Smith on lead guitar, and Wynston Roye on bass.
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