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    Listen to "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes", the new Roan Yellowthorn single!

    Roan Yellowthorn releases "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes", the final single off her Rediscovered cover album

    Smoke Gets In Your Eyes single artRoan Yellowthorn is rounding out her series of fun and deeply personal covers with a final single, “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes”. The track walks the same path as her prior trio of eclectic covers, which dug deep into her musical influences, from the Bee Gees classic “I Started a Joke” and Dave Mason’s plaintive 70’s single “We Just Disagree”, to Elton John’s hit, “Sacrifice”. This artistic reflection serves as a space to explore new ideas and sounds, creating a bridge between Roan Yellowthorn’s past and her exciting future, ultimately culminating in the July 31 wide release of the full collection of 11 musical re-imaginings, Rediscovered. Listen to the new track right here:


    “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes” is one of my all-time favorite songs and it was a thrill to be able to record it. I remember singing this song in a karaoke tent at a county fair in Maine when I was 9 or 10. I chose it because I loved to sing it and I still do. When we were making this record in Los Angeles, we had an amazing team of players that we were lucky to work with. For many of the songs we had bass, drums, guitar, and keys but for this one, it was just me and keyboard legend Brockett Parsons (Lady Gaga). We talked beforehand about the vibe for the song and decided to honor the original emotion and classic presentation while adding something off-kilter and achingly melancholy. Brockett synthesized it all into something magical and we did it in one live take - just him and I. It was a moment I’ll always remember.