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    Saga Strings Supports Blue Élan Artists to Honor Gerry Beckley's legacy With "3am Overture"

    Saga Strings joins alongside Blue Élan artists to celebrate the legacy of Gerry Beckley with their cover of "3am Overture"

    Saga Strings - 3am OvertureAlongside the ongoing Blue Élan celebration of Gerry Beckley's incredible songwriting legacy, Saga Strings has released a new cover of "3am Overture" as part of the Keeping The Light On bonus CD, Watching The Time. Listen here: Keeping The Light On, America co-founder Gerry Beckley’s first-ever collection of solo hits, is an impressive 20-song output featuring 5 previously unreleased tracks such as “(I’m Your) Heart Slave”, “Norman”, “Self Image”, and more. Keeping The Light On - The Best of Gerry Beckley, now available to pre-order, has given Beckley a chance to immerse himself in different kinds of styles and textures. "It's a challenge because if you're going to sing all the songs you want to try to put variety in there," he explains. Pre order Keeping The Light On - The Best of Gerry Beckley here:
    • 20-song output with 5 never-before released songs unearthed for the very first time
    • Stunning 44-page booklet with photos from Gerry’s private collection
    • Watching The Time Bonus CD with Beckley-penned covers from contemporary indie artists such as Roan Yellowthorn, Chelsea Williams, Cindy Alexander, and more
    • Blue Élan exclusive cloudy clear 2LP. Only 100 copies available
    • Additional merch offerings including a limited edition mug and t-shirt