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    Roan Yellowthorn looks backward to move forward with new Dave Mason cover, "We Just Disagree"

    Roan Yellowthorn starts the year off partnering with Chelsea Williams to bring Dave Mason's "We Just Disagree" new life and new meaning

    Roan Yellowthorn's new single, a cover of Dave Mason's "We Just Disagree," is out now! Here's what Jackie (Roan Yellowthorn) had to say about it: I have a new single! The song is the Dave Mason classic ‘We Just Disagree’ and I covered it as a duet with my label mate and friend, Chelsea Williams. This single is part of a series of cover singles that I’m putting out this winter. Once they’re all out, the whole collection will be available on Bandcamp (including a bunch of album-only songs) and until then all of the singles will be on Spotify and Apple Music! Listen to this first single here: I recorded this song back in August at Clear Lake studios in LA and I love how it came out. Out of the whole collection of songs, this is definitely one of my favorites (but lets be honest - I love them all!) Most of the songs we recorded are ones that I chose and this one was suggested to me by Kirk, my trusted mentor and the founder of our label. I had never heard this song before and I quickly warmed to it. It was also Kirk’s idea to make it into a duet. And I love that we did that. When we were recording, we worked hard to reinvent the song. If I am going to cover something, it’s important to me to make it my own as much I can. In the case of this one, we retooled the beat and grooved out the vibe. Making it into a duet also really gave it a new spin. This song has a really special feeling. To me, there’s something magnetic about it. We had some amazing musicians working with us - my partner Shawn on drums, Cooper Appelt on bass, Brockett Parsons on keys, and Zach Ross on guitar. Zack Darling engineered and we all had such a great time. The vibe of this song the way that we did it is so different from the original and I think that, at the same time, the essence of the song is preserved. The sentiment is enhanced by rediscovering it as a duet. I think that everything is automatically improved by having Chelsea Williams’ voice on it. I love how we sound together. Every time that initial guitar lick comes in, I’m hooked. I play this one on repeat and I hope that you will, too!