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    Roan Yellowthorn Releases Collection of Cover Songs - Rediscovered

    Rediscovered, an album of re-imagined covered songs, is out today on all digital platforms from the New York singer/songwriter, Roan Yellowthorn

    Roan Yellowthorn - RediscoveredRoan Yellowthorn's Rediscovered includes inspired versions of classic songs by the Bee Gees, Elton John, The Beach Boys, Alanis Morrissette, Hank Williams Sr and more. You can listen to the collection, here: Roan Yellowthorn’s Jackie McLean explains the selection of such an eclectic mix of songs: “The music of my childhood is similar to that of someone in their 60’s or 70’s - Elvis Presley, Hank Williams, Doo Wop, The Beach Boys, Connie Francis. When I had the opportunity to record an album of cover songs, I chose the music that spoke to me the most, the music I knew and loved best. Reinventing the songs of my formative years led me to a revelation - I rediscovered my love for making music through recreating these songs.” These eclectic covers dig deep into her musical influences, from the Bee Gees classic “I Started a Joke” and Dave Mason’s plaintive 70’s single “We Just Disagree”, to Elton John’s hit, “Sacrifice”. This artistic reflection serves as a space to explore new ideas and sounds, creating a bridge between Roan Yellowthorn’s past and her exciting future. With a new original album produced by John Agnello (Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth, Waxahatchee, Alvvays) set for release in early 2021, McLean is as excited about the past as she is the future - “Looking back and recording these iconic songs really gave me the inspiration to make these new songs, with John, as good as we could make them – excited for everyone to hear the new album as well.” Roan Yellowthorn’s talented frontwoman, Jackie McLean, accompanied by producer, multi-instrumentalist and partner, Shawn Strack, delivers ethereal indie-rock songs with a singer/songwriter heart. Their first full-length studio album, Indigo, was released in late 2018 to rave reviews. Since that release the duo has toured throughout the U.S., performed at the Underwater Sunshine Music Festival in NY last summer and has released a number of standalone singles. Roan Yellowthorn is the alternate ego Jackie created for herself in college, with the intention of making it a permanent moniker. "I wanted to create something whimsical, nature-based, and reflective of my true soul", she explains. "I felt I needed to have my own space, a safe space that I could create and explore inside of. Coming up with my own name was a way to give myself that space." The name didn't stick in college, but when Jackie started writing songs and wanted a pseudonym to create and perform under, Shawn suggested using Roan Yellowthorn. This time, it stuck.