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    Lisa Lambe unveils single, "Hunter's Moon," and begins new album pre-order

    "Hunter's Moon" is out now, alongside the pre-order for Lisa Lambe's next album, Juniper.

    Here's what Lisa had to say: Hello friends, It’s the 21st of February and it’s a really special day. I treasure getting the opportunity to write a few words to you about my music. Like a pen-pal sending news from Home. Firstly, 'Hunter’s Moon', my second single is out today! This song is inspired by nature at night time. Written on the night of a full Hunter's Moon. The full moon after the Harvest Moon, away from city lights, in the comfort of the quiet countryside, having courage to step out and beyond the fading embers of times past, using the blanket and safety of night to find your way, navigate a path. The Hunter's Moon becomes the compass, lights our way, shines on all we feel, a tribute to the pagan goddess who reminds us: love lights the path to home. I think making something you love and with love is a gift. The process of making the full album Juniper has been my most ambitious project yet. Written in the west of Ireland -- inspired by endless starry skies, full moons, the wild Atlantic jewel-like sea, the bog roads, the Juniper tree, the vast loneliness of the countryside -- and the rich elemental fires it stirs within. Like a pagan pilgrim it was a time to begin a journey; embrace the landscape around me -- be brave, reach in and write the love letter to nature that is Juniper. I look forward to sharing so much more about it along the way. Juniper will be with you on April 3rd and I am proud to say is available to pre-order today. I hope it wraps you in magic. ​ Grá, Lisa x Listen to "Hunter's Moon": Pre-order Juniper: All pre-orders come with instant downloads of 'Tiny Devotions', 'Hunter's Moon', and 'Dust and Sand' (Lisa's next single).