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    Lisa Lambe's highly anticipated new album, Juniper, is out now

    You can join Lisa today as she debuts her new album, Juniper, live on Facebook and Twitter

    Lisa Lambe has released her new album, Juniper, available now on all platforms: You can also join her TODAY (4/3/20) for an album release livestream at 12:00 PST, on her Facebook and Twitter pages! Here are some thoughts Lisa shared with us about the release: Juniper. Lisa Lambe It was a winter’s day in Connemara. I left the cottage and drove to the grocery shop. It had a lonely looking ice cream cone sign outside. I had spent months writing and gathering my songs in the west of Ireland. I was here to write. Just write. Like faithful friends, the words came. Capturing moments The endless sky The full moon and stars A lighthouse on the water. The West of Ireland. A living breathing canvas, a privilege to be there. Outside that little shop I thought about how I wanted to bring this album to life. It was with Karl Odlum. He is an alchemist and artist. I called him, and, standing by the ice cream cone the project officially started. Making a new album is like building a fire. Gathering the kindling and nurturing it to ignite and to grow. I felt I was building a tribe with Karl, gathering the players and makers; Jake , Ruth , Dave, Anna, Steve all helped me to breathe life into Juniper. The album title is inspired by a single Juniper tree I passed every day on a bog road in Connemara. I wanted to write about its ancient magical properties of love, protection and strength, its branches sheltered baby Jesus from Herod and its smoke helped the spirits pass over. Thank you to my record label Blue Élan for supporting my work, for their belief in me as an artist, and thank you to those who will join me on Juniper’s journey to live shows on the road. Love Thanks Gratitude To Juniper. To the Tribe. Be Brave. Lisa ♥️
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