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    Jack Tempchin Selected For Induction Into the Songwriters Hall of Fame

    The man has brought so much joy to the world that the world smiled back. Jack Tempchin has been selected into the Songwriters Hall of Fame!

    "I'm flabbergasted," said the lifelong San Diego resident, who is best known for writing the Eagles' hit "Peaceful, Easy, Feeling" and co-writing another Eagles' classic, "Already Gone". "I thought it was a billion to one. I had no idea I had a chance to win, after seeing all the people who are in the Hall of Fame and the people who were nominated just for this year. I can't believe it! For one thing, I'm going to get to meet these people (at the induction ceremony) and that will be fantastic. I'm absolutely thrilled just being on the same list as them"
    For more, read here: The other 2019 inductees—all of whom were announced Saturday morning—include Cat Stevens, John Prine, Tom T. Hall, Dallas Austin ad Missy Elliott, who is the first female hip-hop artist to ever win the prestigious honor. President of Blue Élan records, Kirk Pasich, has created a playlist of some of the 'Jack favorites' that Blue Elan has released. Listen to the 'Jack favorites' by clicking HERE! Visit the Blue Élan store to show your support and congratulate Jack the way you see fit by clicking HERE! We're proud of you Jack!