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    It’s Father's Day: Mustangs of the West's Suzanne Morissette shares her thoughts about Father's Day

    This year, we asked the artists and fathers on our label to share what Father's Day and fatherhood means to them. To tell her own story, here's Mustangs of the West's Suzanne Morissette with thoughts about how her father influenced her musical life! Take 20% off our entire store with the code DADSROCK. That’s right. Get merch and music in our store from Red Wanting Blue to  Jesse Dayton and Gerry Beckley for a real good price.  

    "My dad had a big influence in my music because from age 6, my parents got me into music lessons, and my dad would drive me every Saturday morning to those lessons.

    As we were growing up, my oldest brother wanted to play the drums. My dad got him a drum set, which got us all very interested in the drums. My dad had brought a jukebox into the basement and we would take turns playing on the drums for hours. We’d pick songs and play, and soon we got very popular in the neighborhood. We’d have friends over, and that would go on for hours. My dad plays guitar, and he would expose us to many different styles of music. He’d play songs that he learned by ear like the Animals “House of the Rising Sun”, or he would learn a song from the movie Papillon, or he’d learn a John Denver song. We were exposed to many different styles. He had several 8-tracks, if you can remember those, from The Beatles and Paul McCartney, and Rick Rickman, and Pink Floyd. Maybe the reason I have such diverse likes in music styles today is because he exposed us to that, and I hope we transmit that to our grandchildren. The oldest now is learning how to play the piano, and he was very intrigued with drums initially. I just hope that we can pass on all our instruments to them, and that they continue on, whether professionally or just for pleasure. Once again, happy Father’s Day to all of you out there, and we hope that you have a wonderful day." Sign up for our newsletter to get information from Blue Élan and Mustangs of the West delivered to your inbox. Follow Mustangs of the West on Instagram