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    Gina Sicilia Adds Her Voice in Support of Gerry Beckley's Legacy With "Survival"

    Joining her labelmates as they celebrate the legacy of Gerry Beckley, Gina Sicilia dazzles with a soulful, inspiring cover of "Survival"

    Gina Sicilia - SurvivalAs part of the ongoing Blue Élan celebration of Gerry Beckley's incredible songwriting legacy, Gina Sicilia has joined her labelmates and released a new cover of "Survival". Listen here: Here's what Gina had to say about the release: Hey everyone, When I was asked to record a song as part of Watching The Time, Blue Élan's pre-order bonus CD for Gerry Beckley's upcoming Keeping The Light On, I felt honored by the opportunity. I also knew it was going to be a challenging task to make one of his incredible songs my own. When producer Zachary Ross proposed the idea of doing a soul rendition of the dark and melodic "Survival," I knew it was the perfect song. I recorded this song in the middle of 2020, a time we were all feeling particularly uncertain and vulnerable, and I think this sentiment lent itself to the tenderness of the music and lyrics. The arrangement feels raw and authentic and the message of feeling troubled and of “still working on the art of survival” is one that truly resonates with me. Hopefully it will resonate with and inspire you too as we move into another uncertain time where “surviving” is perhaps the hardest thing to do. You can stream "Survival" today, and get your own copy of Watching The Time by pre-ordering Keeping The Light On. xo Gina Sign up for our newsletter to get information from Blue Élan and Gina Sicilia delivered to your inbox. Follow Gina Sicilia on Instagram