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    Chelsea Williams Adds Her Voice in Support of Gerry Beckley’s Legacy With “Sister Golden Hair”

    Joining her labelmates as they celebrate the legacy of Gerry Beckley, Chelsea Williams dazzles with an intimate, gentle cover of "Sister Golden Hair"

    Chelsea Williams - Sister Golden HairAs part of the ongoing Blue Élan celebration of Gerry Beckley‘s incredible songwriting legacy, Chelsea Williams has joined her labelmates and released a new cover of “Sister Golden Hair.” Listen here: Here's what Chelsea had to say about the release: My cover of the Gerry Beckley-penned America song "Sister Golden Hair" comes out today! I am so excited for you guys to hear it. Ross and I had so much fun making this recording, and it gave us a much needed project to focus on during the first part of the pandemic. Ross's layered piano arpeggios and his hands-down brilliant rhythmic muted piano parts are a big feature on this recording. I really wanted to convey the feeling of isolation and longing for the outside world that we were feeling, so I sang quite a bit softer than I normally do for a more intimate sound. Slowly but surely, this lonesome, haunted version of one of my favorite songs came together. I hope you enjoy our take on this gorgeous song! Sign up for our newsletter to get information from Blue Élan and Chelsea Williams delivered to your inbox. Follow Chelsea Williams on Instagram
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