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    Car Astor Adds Her Voice in Support of Gerry Beckley’s Legacy With “Sarah”

    Joining her labelmates as they celebrate the legacy of Gerry Beckley, Car Astor dazzles with a longing, pleading cover of "Sarah"

    Car Astor - SarahAs part of the ongoing Blue Élan celebration of Gerry Beckley‘s incredible songwriting legacy, Car Astor has joined her labelmates and released a new cover of “Sarah.” Listen here: Here's what Car had to say about the release: great news today……. i just released a brand new song called “Sarah.” “Sarah” is a cover [originally done by the band America, and written by Gerry Beckley], and when i first heard it, i really resonated with the track, enough that i wanted to make my own version. i recorded this in my home studio with my girlfriend over the span of a few days in december, and ended up changing the tempo, chord progression, and twisted the track into my own unique version. this was a really fun one, and it’ll give you a glimpse of the vibe of the new music I’m working on that i’m super excited about. Sign up for our newsletter to get information from Blue Élan and Car Astor delivered to your inbox. Follow Car Astor on Instagram