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    Colin Devlin Joins Us To Help Support The Care Of Ukraine Families And Their Children

    Colin Devlin releases a cover of John Fogerty's “Déjà Vu (All Over Again)” to help support the Children's Emergency Fund in Ukraine

    As poignant today as it was back in 2004 when the iconic songwriter, John Fogerty, wrote “Déjà Vu (All Over Again),” a stirring new version featuring Colin Devlin (of The Devlins) is available today via Bandcamp, with plans for worldwide digital release on March 23rd.

    The track was originally recorded back in December as part of a KZZ Music charity project, before the current conflict in Ukraine began. But upon listening to it last week, Devlin and KZZ Music/Blue Élan Records co-founder, Kirk Pasich, realized how much the message in the song is now more timely than ever with the state of our world today. As Devlin emphasizes, “It’s a song about the senseless loss of life and how history repeats itself. For the last 70 years we’ve been hearing ‘never again’ but here we are, again.”

    Devlin continues, “We’re all horrified by what is currently unfolding before our eyes in Ukraine. As a father of two small children, it is heartbreaking to watch these images. To see my own children’s faces in the faces of the countless numbers of innocent refugees fleeing from the terror they are currently experiencing, you realize that this is not happening ‘somewhere else’. It’s not abstract, it is very, very real and whether we like it or not, we are all connected one way or another. As always it is the innocent who suffer the most in war. The mothers, the children. So, we ask ourselves, what can we do? As an artist I can use my voice to create.”

    Devlin and Blue Élan Records are joining together to release it now, with all revenue benefiting Save The Children, directly to the Children’s Emergency Fund.

    To learn more about the work Children's Emergency Fund is doing on the ground in Ukraine please read here.

    “We must stand up to this aggression and do all we can for these poor people who are caught in this nightmare.”

    Devlin first earned his reputation for atmospheric songs and nuanced vocals during the 1990s and early 2000s, when his band The Devlins received four stars from Rolling Stone and placed songs in more than a dozen films and TV shows. After the success of his first solo album, Devlin won “Best Irish Male” at the Meteor Music Awards in 2010 and co-wrote several tracks on Janiva Magness’s 2016 album Love Wins Again, which earned him a Grammy nomination. After releasing his latest solo effort, 2018’s High Point, Devlin has reunited The Devlins, working on new music for 2023.