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    Janiva Magness Keeps The Promise With New Chris Cornell Cover, "Safe and Sound"

    Janiva Magness keeps the promise with new single, "Safe and Sound", benefiting the Chris and Vicky Cornell Foundation

    Grammy-nominated singer Janiva Magness has released a new cover of Chris Cornell's "Safe and Sound" to benefit the Chris and Vicky Cornell Foundation. Click here to listen: This single marks the start of Blue Élan's We Are The Highway project, an upcoming charitable collection of Chris Cornell cover singles. All We Are The Highway proceeds benefit the Chris and Vicky Cornell Foundation - helping children who are facing homelessness, poverty, abuse, and neglect worldwide. The collection will feature five cover versions of songs written and performed by Chris Cornell, in an effort to uphold Cornell’s legacy and keep the promise as a way to make positive change through music, made to him by Blue Élan co-Founder, and personal friend, Kirk Pasich. Beyond forwarding proceeds, Blue Élan hopes that it will also bring awareness to this charitable foundation that now, more than ever, is necessary to help children in need. As Kirk states, “We cannot think of a better musical way to do that than sharing the music of Chris Cornell, in his memory, and to help children.” Chris Cornell was a client of prominent insurance coverage attorney and our co-founder, Kirk Pasich. What started as a business relationship quickly turned to a friendship over their shared love of music. Kirk has made it his mission to uphold Cornell’s legacy and keep the promise as a way of making positive change through music. With that in mind, several Blue Élan artists and friends have chosen songs from Cornell’s catalog. These songs have inspired each artist’s own journey to survive, to persevere, and to thrive in hopes of maintaining the promise of the Chris and Vicky Cornell Foundation. Of covering “Safe and Sound,” Magness commented, “It is prophetic and almost bizarre to me that Safe and Sound was written in 2007. Thirteen years ago! Yet today, right here today, it is completely on point…. As survivors, we begin seeing the world with a clarity that can be too much and yet many of us somehow survive that too.  Still holding the idea of hope, like a life preserver. Radical hope. Hope for ourselves, our loved ones and even humanity on the whole. ‘So we can say we finally found a world around us, Safe and Sound.’ I hope you find even a little of what I have found in this song. If you do, I know it will help.” Follow the official Blue Élan "We Are The Highway" playlist on Spotify: