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    Chelsea Williams launches album pre-save, along with new single, "Beautiful & Strange"

    Chelsea Williams has launched the pre-save for her new album, alongside a new single sharing the album's title: "Beautiful and Strange"

    Starting today, you can be first in line to hear Chelsea Williams' upcoming album, Beautiful and Strange, when it launches by pre-saving it to your streaming library! Here's what Chelsea had to say about the album and single: Hey guys, I'm releasing a brand new record in May! May 8th to be exact. I can't wait for you to hear it! I produced and recorded it with my husband and kick ass Harmonica/Keyboard player Ross Garren. I poured my heart and soul into all 11 tracks and couldn't be more excited about it! Much like my previous releases, it covers a lot of ground style wise and musically. We went all out with this one with all kinds of instrumentation creating a sort of kaleidoscopic sound. I hope you check it out! I've also got a brand new single called Beautiful and Strange, the title track to my new record. It was one of the first songs I wrote for this record and might be my favorite of the bunch (don't tell the other songs, I don't want them to get jealous). Beautiful and Strange was inspired by the divided cultural and political climate going on all over the world right now. The lyrics lament the cognitive dissonance that lives within all of us, but ultimately the song is about the powerful beauty that is created from the chaos of this world. All that with glorious musical saw melodies soaring above the whole track. I hope you like it! Chelsea Listen to "Beautiful and Strange" Pre-save Chelsea's new album: Beautiful and Strange Follow Chelsea on Instagram