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    Cindy Alexander Releases Her New Single, “Broken but Beloved”

    "Broken but Beloved," the second single off Cindy Alexander's upcoming While the Angels Sigh, is available today

    Cindy Alexander - Broken but BelovedSinger-songwriter Cindy Alexander releases her new single, “Broken but Beloved,” today from the upcoming While the Angels Sigh, her tenth studio album. “Broken but Beloved,” a song about impermanence, was recorded with Grammy award-winning producer and engineer Ross Hogarth at Sunset Sound. It was the last in-person session before the Los Angeles lockdown order took effect in March 2020. Cindy’s dear friend and touring buddy, Michael Bacon (one-half of the Bacon Brothers and award-winning composer) contributed cello from his studio in New York. After recording his part, he sent Cindy a note, in which she found the title of her new record: “When I write my ‘Remediation Practices for Enduring the Pandemic,’ chapter 2 will read: 1. Get an amazing lifelong friend who’s got Beverly Hills chops but keeps it real. 2. Have her write a beautiful song. 3. Have her ask you to put 1,000,000 cell parts on it. 4. Do that. Title of the album: While the Angels Sigh.” – Michael Bacon Listen to “Broken but Beloved” here: Pre-order your copy of While the Angels Sigh today. Offerings include:
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