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    Blue Élan Records - Perspective on Social Justice

    Human rights mean something. Civil rights mean something. Equal protection means something.

    We at Blue Élan Records believe in protecting the freedom and basic human rights of all people. Regardless of gender, race, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic status and so much more. One way that we're standing against the marginalization of individuals is by taking a stance against the inhumane acts of intimidation, persecution, and coercion that have unfortunately become too commonplace. Since the announcement of the "zero tolerance" United States immigration policy on May 7th, 2018, immigrant families have been divided and unjustly kept apart for months. Thousands of infants and children have been stripped away from the arms of their parents, all while being contained in cages with minimal hope for reconciliation in the near future. We will not sit in silence as these inhumane and unlawful interferences continue to go on. Instead, we plan to speak up for the basic, inherent human rights of these individuals, and for all people that have been stripped of the liberty to do so. On way we at Blue Élan Records are taking a stance is through the simple power of human connection. We are supporting numerous non-profits that are working diligently to aid families faced with these crisis, and specifically to halt the practices of entities such as Immigration and Customs Enforcement that are separating children for their families. Through donating a percentage of out profits from October 6th through November 6th, to ACLU, Kids in Need of Defense (KIND), and Human Rights First. We aim to aid the entities at the front lines of this fight for a fair, just, and dignified immigration policy. You can join us during these midterm elections as we stand to make a change.