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    Natalie Gelman Shares New Single, “Better Days”

    Natalie Gelman shares uplifting new single, “Better Days,” from her upcoming album, Moth to the Flame

    Natalie Gelman - Better DaysNatalie Gelman has released her uplifting new single "Better Days" today (March 12) from her upcoming album,Moth To The Flame, which will be her first release on our label. The talented pop singer-songwriter's latest track is an uplifting ode to holding out hope for a new chapter, a relatable message propelled by Gelman's soulful vocals and expert songwriting. Listen to the new single here: Due out on June 18, Gelman's sophomore album was co-written with producer Charlie Midnight (Joni Mitchell, Katy Perry) and brought to life with the help of a dream team of creatives. The project was mixed by Grammy award-winning sound engineer Jason Mariani (Lissie, Mumford & Sons) and mastered by Grammy award-winning engineer icon Bernie Grundman (Michael Jackson, OutKast). Gelman handpicked the entire lineup of talented musicians for the project, recruiting talents who have previously worked with such artists as Patty Griffin, Fiona Apple, Brandi Carlile and more. Moth To The Flame is a sublimely melodic and heartfelt blend of polished production, telepathic musicianship, and finely crafted pop with emotionally raw lyrics and storytelling. These 13 songs represent an important step forward for Gelman as an artist, showcasing her talents as a seasoned musician and creative force who has chased her passions with fierce determination. “I feel an everlasting draw to music, sometimes at the expense of the rest of my life," Gelman says. "Like a moth to a flame, I continue to drive towards it, even when the price is frustration or pain. Sometimes we need to experience adversity to truly appreciate our purpose, and music is that purpose for me." Moth To The Flame was born out of struggle. Looking to take her career to new heights, Natalie set out to do something different than she had done before, and that meant building an album with precision and direction that would be uncompromising in its execution and creation. This proved to be an arduous task; to record with the team she hand-selected meant bending her life to the schedules of many. Long, late hours in the studio; days, weeks and even months between recording sessions can prove overwhelming to many artists, but Natalie so believed in her vision she refused to settle for anything less than perfection. During the process of creatingMoth To The Flame, Gelman experienced some of her highest highs and lowest lows; she got married and opened for major artists including Bon Jovi, but also lost her mother to Alzheimer's. In many ways,Moth To The Flame stands as a representation of her perseverance. From the reflective and thoughtful "Heavy, Heavy Heart" to the refreshingly honest "Won't Matter Anymore," Gelman is able to tap into the human experience with wit, wisdom and courage. Over the course of her career, Gelman has released a self-titled album, an EP, and four singles. Those releases have earned her praise from an array of outlets, including The New York Times,Huffington Post, The New York Post,PopMatters,LA Weekly,Songwriting Magazine and more. Natalie’s most recent single, “2020,” is a timely ode to the universally challenging year and was recently added to Apple Music’s “Hit Reset Playlist."