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    Press Roundup: Chelsea Williams' Beautiful and Strange

    Chelsea Williams' new album, Beautiful and Strange, was released to glowing reviews and features from press across the web!

    An image containing logos of the press featured in the Beautiful and Strange press roundup When Chelsea Williams released her new album, Beautiful and Strange, she was immediately met with glowing reviews, exciting press, and even some radio love! From write-ups in huge magazines like American Songwriter, to multiple music video premieres, and a healthy heaping of indie blog love, it's almost too much to keep track of. To help make it easier, we've collected all the hottest features in one place: the Beautiful and Strange Press Roundup, starting off with a Top 5!

    NPR's All Songs Considered: New Music Friday

    Starting the Top 5 off with a bang, Beautiful and Strange was selected as part of NPR's weekly New Music Friday lineup on their All Songs Considered program for the week of May 8th. Chelsea was in good company, being featured alongside Haley Williams, Kehlani, and other brilliant contemporaries. The whole broadcast is a 36-minute listen, and while we recommend listening from start to finish, Chelsea's spot comes in at just about 14:45. Hear it for yourself right here:

    American Songwriter Song Premiere

    As we got closer to the launch of Beautiful and Strange, American Songwriter was kind enough to do a deep dive into album's title track! Part single analysis, part artist profile, they cover everything from Chelsea's beginnings as a teenage blues band prodigy, to her struggles and adventures evolving her sound and fining her place in the industry. There's even a nice shout-out about Blue Élan in there! Read it all for yourself right here:

    The Bluegrass Situation Song Premiere

    The Bluegrass Situation kept it short, sweet, and to the point with their premiere of the Beautiful and Strange single, "Cornerstone"! If you wanted to be the first in line to hear the track, they made it available days early, exclusive to their readers. To get a taste of that VIP flavor, check the feature out for yourself right here:

    Ditty TV Music Video Debut

    Ditty TV's "The Curve" featured Chelsea's "Wasted" music video as a Ditty TV Debut this past week, alongside videos from Leslie Mendelson, Mitch Dean, and Blue Élan's own Mustangs of the West! The segment was broadcast live, but you can still watch a teaser for the debut right here:

    No Depression Album Review

    Wrapping up our Top 5, No Depression wrote a fabulous full Beautiful and Strange album review that we can't get enough of. It's full of comparisons to Stevie Nicks, praise for the album's production and songwriting, and ends on a final recommendation to "...step back, sit down, and listen. You’ll be glad, and you will feel better, too." If you want to read the rest yourself, we've got you covered:  

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