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    Jesse Dayton Releases New Double-sided Single, "Beaumonster Boogie" / "House Party 2340 Dauphine"

    Jesse Dayton Releases Second Gulf Coast Sessions EP Double-sided Single, "Beaumonster Boogie / House Party 2340 Dauphine"

    Jesse Dayton - Beaumonster Boogie / House Party 2340 DauphineJesse Dayton has released two brand new singles today: “Beaumonster Boogie” and “House Party 2340 Dauphine.” Click here to listen: Both tracks come from the forthcoming EP, Gulf Coast Sessions, a collection of original songs inspired by the music he was raised on while growing up in Beaumont, TX; experiencing the sounds of the Interstate 10 area from Beaumont to New Orleans. The previously released “Lo-Fi Lover” and “Carencro Girl” are also available on all streaming and digital download platforms now: The East Texas blues shuffle of “Beaumonster Boogie,” “. . . was inspired by all the old oil field workers I remember as a kid who just complained nonstop about how ‘the old rig bosses made all the money and moved to Houston and left them broke and stuck in Beaumont’,” explains Dayton. “Lots of crazy oil field stories about folks getting rich or ripped off where I’m from!” While the 6/8 New Orleans swamp pop of “House Party 2340 Dauphine” is based on a true story. As Dayton tells it, “My friend Clio owned the house right in the heart of the French Quarter and the house parties were so full of freaks and raged so long, that we never left the house til the next morning. And when the sun came up we did look like Vampires crawling out of dark coffins in New Orleans”. The Gulf Coast Sessions EP was recorded on the back porch of friend Clay Connell’s old house-turned- vintage-shop Roadhouse Rags in South Austin. Taking the spirit of Dayton’s childhood memories, the results are a raw, stripped down house party fun!
    “It’s loaded with vibe and reminds me of the music the grownups played at the hurricane parties I went to as a kid.”
    Through his decades-long career, Jesse Dayton has become one of the music industry’s best kept secrets and valuable weapons with a sound that blends rock, blues, old school country, punk-rock and zydeco.