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    Lisa Lambe Releases Alternate Cut of "Burning Love" in Special Double-Single

    Lisa Lambe releases special double-single to showcase an alternate cut of Juniper's "Burning Love" and an unreleased track, "Firefly"

    Burning LoveFollowing on the heels of Lisa Lambe's recent album, Juniper, "Burning Love" is here! Pulled from the Juniper recording sessions, Lisa's special new double-single release features an alternate cut of "Burning Love," and an unreleased track off the album - "Firefly." Click here to listen: Here are some thoughts Lisa shared with us about the release: Hi everyone, I created 'Burning Love' as a kind of anthem to love. You know that feeling when love is so all-consuming that you feel your heart is on fire? That is what I was hoping to evoke. The time I spent in the studio with Karl Odlum, who produced Juniper, was full of laughter and joy. He makes me laugh, which is good, because I think you can only be truly creative when you are relaxed. Whilst we were creating Juniper, I was talking about those old-time cameras, flickering memories, and how, as an actor, I 'make up my face' to become the character in a play. As a singer however, as myself, I attempt to speak my truth in my songs. Out of those conversations, a new reading, an understanding, of my own lyrics becomes clear. Time, memory and all-consuming love. We made ‘Burning Love’ in the studio - almost as a call and answer to that girl in 'Vision in Grey', and the same girl in 'Holding Back the Tide'. The version captured here in this special edition is forged from the fire of those early Juniper sessions. I think it showcases a raw and edgy side to the work, and a chorus I hope you’ll all sing out!! ​ I hope you like it. Lisa