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    Watch Roan Yellowthorn's "Acid Trip" Music Video Premiere Tonight

    Join Roan Yellowthorn in the chat room tonight at 5p PT as they premiere the official "Acid Trip" music video on YouTube

    Tonight at 5p PT/8p ET, you can join Roan Yellowthorn as they premiere the official "Acid Trip" music video on YouTube. Here's what Jackie McLean had to say about the video:

    My new song, "Acid Trip," is about how trippy normal life can be when you look at it as a whole. I have some degree of synesthesia, and I see colors when I think about my life — flashes of vibrant green and blue. Red and orange. Yellow and white. An acid trip without any drugs at all.

    Today, we are releasing the music video. The process of making this video was really special. And I think that the result is, too. We worked remotely with a wonderful director, Jake Bradbury. Neither one of us had ever made a video this way before, but the restrictions on travel drove us to be innovative. Luckily, Jake came up with a beautiful concept and ensured that we were as supported and prepared as we could be.

    When the day came to film, we built a big bonfire on a friend's farm and threw vestiges of the past into the flames. "Acid Trip" is about taking stock of your life — seeing it from afar. And making a choice to do what you need to do. For yourself. In order to move on.

    It was emotional for me to watch the finished product. Jake intertwined clips of me as a child from old home videos. But it felt cathartic to see myself transform on the screen — into the person I am today.

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