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    Pre-order Jesse Dayton's "Mixtape Volume 1" now!

    Starting today, you can click here to pre-order Jesse Dayton's new album of covers, Mixtape Volume 1! Here's what Jesse had to say: "Hey Hardchargers, Starting right now, y’all can pre-order my new record Mixtape Volume 1! We’ve been touring non-stop for 5 years now, and after putting out 2 original records back to back, along with playing on 16 other people’s records, I wanted to do something different. So, I spent some time writing new arrangements to 10 songs that I loved as a kid. Some of the songs are by singer-songwriters that I reinterpreted into full blown 70’s country music like Neil Young, Gordon Lightfoot, and Elton John. Others like The Clash, AC/DC, and The Cars are reworked into rockabilly, blues, and honky tonk. The world does not need another “country” singer doing straight remakes of Waylon & Willie songs. I know some of you might dig that, but it bores me to tears, and frankly, lacks imagination. This collection of songs is what a guy from Beaumont, TX sounds like doing them. So, check this out…   The vinyl comes in 3 different colors (black, red, white marble), and it’s on CD and cassette. That’s right, cassette. Of course it is. The record’s called Mixtape Volume 1, so we had to do it. You can pre-order the bundles that include some really cool stuff. So psyched about this record, and can’t wait for y’all to hear these songs I’ve wanted to cover for years! Onward, JD"
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