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    Women's Equality Day Observance and Flash Sale

    The 19th Amendment granting women’s suffrage was ratified on August 18, 1920. It was a paramount step forward for women’s rights, but was just the beginning of a battle for equality. Fast forward 50+ years, in the 1970’s, women still faced inequalities sparsely encountered by their male counter parts in myriad professions and circumstances. Women were under-recognized, under-represented, and under-appreciated in numerous fields, but quintessentially so in the music business.  Enter Fanny Walked the Earth, known in 1971 as Fanny – the first all-female rock band to release a full-length album on a major record label, defying the odds and trailblazing for generations of female musicians. Nearly another 50 years later, women still encounter many of the same disparities. Fanny Walked the Earth continues to fight against social and gender-based injustices with creative, powerful, and motivating music including their single “When We Need Her” from their self-titled album, released this past March. Their battle-cry, “When We Need Her”, eloquently depicts the power and strength of ALL women: where they once were, where they are, and where they can be.  “Everything we do and don’t do we will pass on to the future generations of women. So the song was addressed to women, but the message is for everyone. The children are our future and that we are all in this together.” – Brie Darling, Fanny Walked the Earth, Drummer & Singer Fanny Walked the Earth’s 40+ years of combat for women’s equality is mirrored by another iconic artist, Rita Coolidge, who is also credited among the strong female pioneers of the 1970’s who championed messages of female empowerment through songwriting and art. As detailed in her memoir, "Delta Lady," Coolidge described the 'misogynistic industry' in which she began her illustrious career, and recalls the empowering changes in gender norms and acceptance that Coolidge witnessed throughout her time in the music industry.  With the release of Coolidge’s first full-length album of new material in nearly a decade, titled Safe in the Arms of Time, which hit this May, Coolidge continues to spread a message of love, acceptance, and hope, and serves as a strong role model for young women in a business that continues to face challenges.   At Blue Élan Records we have many strong, inspiring, and radical female-artists. In celebration of Women’s Equality Day we would like to take this opportunity to highlight two of our very own musical pioneers, Fanny Walked the Earth and Rita Coolidge.  Both of whom have used their voices and life choices to stand up for those that cannot. They have used and continue to use their talents and energies to support other women in the music industry and have changed the playing field for all women. In honor of these women who have paved the way and all of the strong women on our label, we’ve decided to extend a ‘Buy One Get One Free’ offer from now until Sunday for all CD’s featuring our female artists.  
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