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    Pre-order Cindy Alexander’s New Album, “While the Angels Sigh”!

    While the Angels Sigh, Cindy Alexander's 10th studio album, is now available for pre-order While The Angels Sigh ProductsWhile the Angels Sigh, Cindy Alexander’s 10th studio album, is officially available to pre order today! “I can't wait to share my new music with you. This record has been a long time in the making, and I do believe it's my best work yet.” – Cindy Alexander Now available to pre-order, While the Angels Sigh offerings include:
    • An autographed CD
    • An exclusive T-shirt
    • A Friends and Family Pack (For you and your friends!)
    • A Cindy Alexander Ultimate Fan Pack (All of Cindy’s Blue Elan Released CDs in one package!)
    • And THE ANGEL PACKAGE that includes a CD, T-shirt, handwritten lyrics of the second single, “Broken but Beloved,” a squirrel “Cheerio” stress toy, and a private Chat and Serenade with Cindy Alexander herself!
    All orders receive a free download of Cindy Alexander’s first single, “Try, Try, Try.” Click here to pre-order and receive yours today: Cindy Alexander - While The Angels Sigh