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    Pre-order Another Life, Roan Yellowthorn's New Album, Today

    Pre-order Roan Yellowthorn's original sophomore album, Another Life, today

    Roan Yellowthorn - Another LifeStarting today, you can pre-order Roan Yellowthorn's upcoming album, Another Life. With offerings including CDs, stickers and t-shirts, each order also comes with a digital download of the album upon release. Here's what Roan Yellowthorn's Jackie McLean had to say about the pre-order: Well my friends, the day is finally here. Today you can pre-order my new album, Another Life. This album is about other lives — ones imagined, remembered, and dreamed about. Writing and recording this record was unlike anything else I’ve done. With each song, I tried to delve deep into experiences and feelings because I know that I’m not alone in what I feel. And I’ve found that the more specific I am, the more I can connect with others. Maybe even with you. I hope that this album resonates with you. That it reminds you that you aren’t alone. That this experience of living — while it can feel so lonely sometimes — is really shared by all of us. On my album there are songs about a terminated pregnancy, my love for the artist Alex Cameron, struggles with feelings of low self worth, emotional vampires, falling in love with strangers, and my connection to the natural world. There are songs about small moments and larger themes. There are songs of longing and of defiance. Of nostalgia and of realization. I can’t wait to share this album with you. I hope that you enjoy it. And thank you for all of the support along the way. It truly means the world. J Follow Roan Yellowthorn