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    Chuck Vans Show to feature tracks off of Jesse Dayton's new album, Mixtape Volume 1

    We're excited to announce that this week, the syndicated Chuck Vans Show will be featuring multiple tracks from Mixtape Volume 1, the new album from Jesse Dayton, out August 9!

    You'll have multiple chances to catch the show: -Thursday (8/1) at 5pm CST on Cowboy Joe Radio -Friday (8/2) at 5pm CST on Radio Wigwam -Saturday/Sunday (8/3-8/4) 2pm CST on ISR Radio LA -Tuesday (8/6) 9pm CST on Pub Sports Radio Learn more about the show: And don't forget, it's your last chance to pre-order Mixtape Volume 1 and be entered to win an Autographed Test Pressing! Place your order right here: