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    Chelsea Williams' new album, Beautiful and Strange, is now available for pre-order

    Beautiful and Strange, available May 8th, is available for pre-order today!

    Blue Élan is excited to announce the new album from Chelsea Williams - Beautiful and Strange - out on May 8th, is available for pre-order now! A testament to the Los Angeles singer/songwriter’s catchy pop sensibilities, Beautiful and Strange also draws on her eclectic musical palette with hints of roots, jazz and psychedelia. The album’s debut single “Red Flag” perfectly evokes the frenzied, caution-to-the-wind intensity of new love. Whether Chelsea Williams is dissecting relationship dynamics or examining the very notion of destiny, her charming, confident songwriting and airy, nuanced vocals maintain an underlying current of optimism. Produced by her husband and longtime collaborator Ross Garren (Ben Folds, Bon Iver), Beautiful and Strange expands on Williams’ previous work with more striking production and a bolder, fuller sound. Her diverse musical background and affinity for film scores translates into a cinematic collection of songs that strike the perfect balance between whimsical spontaneity and mature sophistication. Incorporating everything from toy pianos and singing saws to sweeping string arrangements and a symphony of harmonicas and keys, Beautiful and Strange is equal parts reckless abandon and heartfelt sincerity.