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    Light It Up - Autographed Advance Vinyl - Early Delivery

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    • Autographed advance vinyl promo copy of Light It Up
      • Advance vinyl copies are packaged in a plain white cardboard sleeve, hand-numbered and autographed by the band, and stamped with “Blue Elan Records” Advance Copy. Pressed on Opaque White vinyl.
      • Expected ship date is April 30, 2024 so the album will arrive more than a month before the official release date.
    • Light It Up Digital Album
      • Includes a digital download of the full album that will be delivered on or before April 26, 2024 - 6 weeks before the official release of the album.
    • Instant digital download of the following singles:
      • Hey, 84'
      • Goliath
      • Light It Up

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    Recorded in the band’s native Ohio and produced for the first time by the quintet itself, Red Wanting Blue’s latest album, Light It Up, marks the start of a distinctly new chapter for the indie rock stalwarts, one built on complete and total creative liberation. Equally gritty and uplifting, the collection is a larger-than-life ode to hope and perseverance, a celebration of the fire we carry within and the commitment that keeps us going even in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. The songs are all interconnected here, woven together through intros and outros and interludes that propel them through the dark of night, and the performances are as muscular as they are meticulous, fueled by addictive hooks and exhilarating instrumental work that shines on an even footing with frontman Scott Terry’s rich and magnetic vocals. More than any other record in the Red Wanting Blue catalog, Light It Up captures the spirit and the camaraderie of a band that’s built its entire career on the road, discovering (and rediscovering) itself one exultant, joyous, communal night at a time.

    LP Track Listing:

    SIDE A

    1. First Spark (Intro)
    2. Hey, '84
    3. Light It Up
    4. Seeing Light (Interlude 1)
    5. Time's For You
    6. Run For Your Life
    7. Goliath

    SIDE B

    1. Seeing Stars (Interlude 2)
    2. Fine & Dandy
    3. Look Up
    4. Killer
    5. Purpose On Purpose
    6. New Morning (Outro)
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