Keeping The Light On - Best of Gerry Beckley Essentials

    Keeping The Light On - Best of Gerry Beckley

    Gerry Beckley, the illustrious singer, songwriter, performer, and co-founder of the legendary band, America, releases his greatest hits package featuring his solo work, Keeping The Light On – Best of Gerry Beckley. Released as a deluxe double CD featuring a 44-page booklet including photos taken by Beckley during his tour travels over the last 50 years. Also available as a double LP set in transparent vinyl, or in a limited edition blue version, with options to purchase a Keeping The Light On – Best of Gerry Beckley t-shirt and coffee mug as well.

    Included with each order is a bonus CD that contains nine tracks of Beckley-penned songs recorded by all-female contemporary indie artists, and includes covers of classic America tunes such as “Sister Golden Hair” and “Daisy Jane.”

    Beckley has never stopped writing and recording, even amidst a global pandemic — and he shows no signs of abating any time soon. "This record is from this point back, and the stuff I've been writing and recording will be from this point forward," Beckley promises. "This is certainly a summation, I guess, but it's not the end of the story. It's amazing to have 50 years in this job. Now I can't wait to start the second half-century." This impressive 20-song output features 5 previously unreleased tracks unearthed for the very first time. 

    This impressive 20-song output features 5 previously unreleased tracks unearthed for the very first time

    This order includes:

    • 2CD copy of Keeping The Light On – The Best of Gerry Beckley Deluxe 
    • CD copy of Carousel
    • CD copy of Five Mile Road
    • Instant digital downloads of all records included

    Keeping the Light On - The Best of Gerry Beckley

    Disc One

    1. 3am
    2. Crying
    3. Emma
    4. Watching The Time
    5. Calling You
    6. Self Image
    7. Now Sue
    8. Goodbye Highway
    9. Norman
    10. Always

    Disc Two

    1. Hang Your Head High
    2. (I’m Your) Heart Slave
    3. Life Lessons
    4. Once A Distant Heart
    5. Tokyo
    6. Cup of Rain
    7. How Can I Turn You Away
    8. Calling
    9. Home Again
    10. Keeping The Light On

    Five Mile Road

    1. Life Lessons
    2. Something To Remember
    3. Home Again
    4. Five Mile Road
    5. Hang Your Head High
    6. So Long Marni
    7. Vagabond
    8. Heart of the Valley
    9. Stop Feeling Sorry
    10. Calling
    11. Sudden Soldier
    12. Two People at Once

    In his first offering since his Blue Élan debut, Carousel, Gerry Beckley, the gifted singer, songwriter, performer and co-founder of the legendary band America released, Five Mile Road, his second solo album with Blue Elan Records.Five Mile Road was produced by Beckley and Jeff Larson, with all songs written by Beckley except “Life Lessons”, which was written by Beckley and actor/musician Bill Mumy. This record shimmers with a melodic melancholy that makes his music as familiar as it is iconic. Beckley brings his own journey home on Five Mile Road


    1. Tokyo 
    2. Nature’s Way 
    3. Minutes Count 
    4. Don’t Let the Sun Catch You Crying 
    5. Lifeline 
    6. Widows Weeds 
    7. No Way I’m Gonna Lose You 
    8. Once a Distant Heart 
    9. To Each and Everyone 
    10. Fly 
    11. Serious 
    12. Carousel 

    Recorded at his Los Angeles studio Human Nature, the shimmering 12-track album plays to all of Beckley's strengths; the singer, songwriter and musician played most instruments on the album. "With a solo project I'm really a committee of one," says Beckley. "There's only myself to please. Having said that, it's not always easy. Each project is a snapshot in time. The material on Carousel came from a wide scope of inspiration." Carousel contains original standouts such as the deeply personal "Lifeline", "No Way I'm Gonna Lose You" (co-written with Dan Wilson who won an award for his work with Adele) and "Tokyo", of which Beckley says: "The song actually came to me while I was waiting to board a flight home from Japan. I seem to remember I lost track of time and almost missed the flight." There are also three covers on which Beckley puts his distinctive spin: Spirit's "Nature's Way", Gerry Rafferty's "To Each and Everyone" and Gerry and The Pacemakers' "Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying". "I've fortunately never been short on inspiration for my original material but I do love to record a cover every so often," says Beckley. "These three are of course from my long list of fave songs."

    Bonus CD “Watching The Time” 

    1. 3am Overture – Saga Strings
    2. Daisy Jane – Roan Yellowthorn
    3. I Need You – Amy Wilcox
    4. Sarah – Car Astor
    5. Survival – Gina Sicilia
    6. Sister Golden Hair – Chelsea Williams
    7. Never Be Lonely – Natalie Gelman
    8. Only In Your Heart – Mary Scholz
    9. Carousel – Cindy Alexander