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    1000 Hands - CD + 180g 2LP

    This Order Includes:

    • CD copy of 1000 Hands
    • 1000 Hands180-gram 2LP with exclusive silkscreen printing
    • Instant digital download of the entire album

    Jon Anderson 's 1000 Hands will be his first release via his new partnership with Blue Élan Records. The album will be available on July 31st. For the first time 1000 Hands will be available digitally as well as on CD and on a deluxe 180-gram double vinyl with silkscreen printing. “I’ve spent long periods of time making some records, but I’ve never taken a journey quite like this one,” says the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee. “To say that 1000 Hands has been a long time in coming would be quite an understatement, but I’m thrilled that it’s finally a reality and that my fans will now be able to hear it. And I think they’ll be delighted to hear music that’s timeless. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done.” Jon Anderson began 1000 Hands (originally called Uzlot – “it means a lot of us”) nearly 30 years ago. Working with a group of musicians that included Yes drummer Alan White and bassist Chris Squire. However, due to his heavy touring commitments with Yes, Anderson had to put the record on the back burner. “Before you knew it, I started getting involved in other projects and tours, and years went by,” he explains. “I would listen to the tapes from time to time and think, ‘This could have been a great album! One day I’ll finish it.’” GRAMMY-nominated producer Michael T. Franklin (Bruce Hornsby, Brian Wilson, Roger McGuinn) began working on orchestrations for the album. However, Anderson’s intense schedule put the project on.  Both Anderson and Franklin, determined to see it through. Finally a year and a half ago they got the album back on track. “Our ideas still matched,” Anderson says. “Michael knew everything I wanted to do and how I wanted the music to sound[.] So we agreed to go for it.” Setting up shop in Franklin’s Solar Studios in Orlando, Florida, Anderson laid down backing vocals to his original lead tracks, and Franklin called in an astonishing array of rock and jazz luminaries to fill out the songs: fellow Yes alum Steve Howe, Ian Anderson, Jean-Luc Ponty, Billy Cobham, Chick Corea, Steve Morse, Rick Derringer, Jonathan Cain, and the Tower of Power Horns are just a few of the guests on 1000 Hands. “That’s where the title 1000 Hands comes from, all of the brilliant musicians who played a part in making the record,” Anderson says. “Michael acted like something of a casting director, bringing so many great players. It was really exciting to hear the record open up and become what I had always envisioned.”

      CD Track Listing:

      1. Now
      2. Ramalama
      3. First Born Leaders
      4. Activate
      5. Makes Me Happy
      6. Now Variations
      7. I Found Myself
      8. Twice in a Lifetime
      9. WDMCF
      10. 1000 Hands (Come up)
      11. Now and Again

      Vinyl Track Listing:

      Side A

      1. Now
      2. Ramalama
      3. First Born Leaders
      4. Activate

      Side B

      1. Makes Me Happy
      2. Now Variations
      3. I Found Myself
      4. Twice in a Lifetime
      5. WDMCF

      Side C

      1. 1000 Hands (Come up)
      2. Now and Again