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    • CD copy of While The Angels Sigh
    • CD copy of Nowhere to Hide
    • CD copy of Deep Waters
    • CD copy of An American Girl
    • CD copy of Curve
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    While The Angels Sigh

    Track Listing:
    1. The Power of You
    2. Broken but Beloved
    3. Try, Try, Try
    4. Alizarin Crimson
    5. The Piano
    6. Lightning
    7. Chiaroscuro
    8. Carolina in My Mind
    9. Room at the Bottom
    10. Try, Try, Try (Acoustic)
    11. Walking Constellation

    Cindy Alexander's While the Angels Sigh is at once a musical affirmation of personal power and grace, and an acceptance of human weakness and fallibility. It took two years to curate the song list with executive producer and label co-founder, Kirk Pasich. After a dedicated search, Cindy was eventually able to curate a dream team of musicians. Led by producer/bass player Sean Hurley and producer/drummer Victor Indrizzo, the beginning of While the Angels Sigh was born. “Try, Try, Try" was a co-write with Cindy’s career-long collaborator, Grammy® Award-nominated producer and songwriter, David Darling. A song about trying to connect and reignite the passion, when life gets in the way and distracts us from what really matters. “Room at the Bottom,” is a tongue in cheek ode to the down and out musician, as well as an answer to Tom Petty’s “Room at the Top.” “Broken but Beloved,” a song about impermanence, was recorded with Grammy award-winning producer and engineer Ross Hogarth at Sunset Sound. 

    Tracks were transferred back and forth throughout the 2020 quarantine between home studios, and finally finished up in Cindy’s bedroom at her new home in Big Sur. Although the creative process was a challenge, the result is a triumph. While the Angels Sigh is an achingly personal album that speaks to and for all of us, and a musical tribute to a broken but beloved humanity.

    Nowhere To Hide

    Track Listing:
    1. I See Stars
    2. Passenger
    3. 4 Hours
    4. Heels Over Head
    5. Something to Look Back On
    6. Everything I Own
    7. Soul Quake
    8. The Song Will Always Find You
    9. Idiot Child
    10. Book of Love
    11. Wonderful
    12. Hidden

    Released in 2018, singer/songwriter Cindy Alexander has the ability to write from a personal place that touches universal emotions in all of us. Nowhere To Hide was recorded in live single takes, played together by the musicians in the same room. The only instruments involved were voices, a grand piano, acoustic guitars and a dobro. Kirk Pasich (Blue Élan Records co-founder) set the stage, and allowed the musicians to do what they do best in an environment without restraints. This release features fan favorites spanning Alexander’s entire nine album career as well as covers of Bread’s “Everything I Own,” and Stephin Merritt’s “Book of Love.” 

    Deep Waters

    Tracking List:

    1. Heaven's Wall
    2. Fireball
    3. Unspoken
    4. Path of Least Resistance
    5. Deep Waters
    6. Forever Bound
    7. Good Mother
    8. Push
    9. Hands
    10. Relentlessly

    Deep Waters, Cindy’s eighth studio album, Alexander explores love in all its forms: sacred, passionate, sexual, maternal, even remorseful and misguided – but always with an unrelenting truthfulness. In both her music and vocal delivery, there is a boldness that demands the listener lean in and surrender to her fearless take on life’s messy complications and rich joys. When Alexander started to work on Deep Waters,she was ready for change. “When you’ve experienced any kind of brush with your mortality, you want to thrive, not just survive. The fact that I get to live my dream and make music for a living, I don’t take any of that for granted.” – Cindy Alexander 

    An American Girl

    Track Listing:
    1. Play
    2. Monarch
    3. See You in L.A.
    4. Burdens and Bones (How Bad Do You Want It?)
    5. American Girl
    6. Play (Acoustic)
    7. Monarch (Acoustic)
    8. See You in L.A. (Acoustic)

    Released in 2015, Cindy Alexander reflects upon her career, her start in the music industry, and all that she has learned since with the 5 song EP An American Girl. This EP is a product of those personal reflections and memories, sung to the tune of rootsy Americana instrumentation. “The songwriter is a storyteller in all its capacities as she faces the heartache of a lost love and the stirrings of sexual feelings. Intimate? Honest? Yes, Cindy Alexander is, and she is confident when she sings these songs.” – Innocent Words, 2015 


    Track Listing:

    1. Heels Over Head
    2. Old Dreams
    3. Who Will Be There
    4. Spin Around
    5. Hit Song
    6. Stronger Together
    7. Carry Me Away
    8. Not Alive
    9. Anesthesia
    10. Hard To Be You
    11. Good Time Sally
    12. January Song
    13. Destiny (Bonus Track)
    Cindy Alexander’s Curve was the first released album from Blue Élan Records in 2014. Among the glowing reviews, declared “By fearlessly exploring such intriguingly honest territory, Cindy has branded Curve her most compelling work to date.” In January 2015, it was announced that Curve won the L.A. Music Critic’s Award for Best Female CD.