15 Holiday Gifts For The Ones Who Love to Rock This 2019 Holiday Season

    Finally a handy guide to help figure out what to get the one who’s always ready to rock.

    Before we begin, let’s get a few things straight. People don’t just like rock music for the guitar solos or leather jackets. Rock music is one big experiment with no rules of engagement. So whether you’re looking to buy for someone that’s still sporting the exact same flannel t-shirt from ‘94, or trying to buy the same kind of pomade Rod Melancon uses, we got you covered. 1. Rod Melancon - Pinkville ($15 at BlueElan.com) This army green pressing of Rod Melancon’sPinkville.On the album, Rodwhips up a world filled with shell-shocked war veterans, rock and rollers, mixing cinematic details and electric guitars into its own. Preview more of the record in Rod’s NPR All Things Considered interview with Don Gonyeahere 2.Concert Passport Book ($9.99 at Amazon) There for Neil Young’s performance of “My, My, Hey Hey (Out of the Blue)” at Farm Aid 1985? We wish! Nowadays, physical ticket to concerts are becoming harder to come by. Keep a log of every concert they ever went to, or want to attend in this nifty book. 3. Jesse Dayton - Mixtape Volume 1 ($20 at BlueElan.com) This candy red vinyl of Jesse Dayton’sMixtape Volume 1. Imagine getting called out of the blue to play lead guitar on Waylon Jennings’Right for The Time. That’s Jesse Dayton. His recent albumMixtape Volume 1is a collection of cover songs that highlight his diverse range of influences. Rolling Stone even thinks “Jesse Dayton is electrifying.” 4. Tom Petty - Classic Tee ($42 at Chaser) This mid-70s Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers logo tee. Designed in Los Angeles, Chaser is the local authority on cool with premium quality apparel. Fun Fact: On Rod Melancon’s “The Heartbreakers” you can hear him talk about Tom Petty’s upbringing in the Deep South. 5. Cherie Currie & Brie Darling - The Motivator($12 at BlueElan.com) What's better than two legendary rockers singing their favorite artists' songs? How about as the LA Times would say, two "rock 'n' roll heroines who blazed parallel trail in an era where female musicians were practically an oxymoron." Enter Cherie Currie of The Runaways and Brie Darling of Fanny, who came together this year to release a collection of songs on The Motivator. 6. Me: Elton John Official Autobiography ($18 at Amazon.com) Sir Elton John anointed Jesse Dayton with praise for his cover of “Redneck Friend” on a recent episode of his Beats1 radio showRocket Hour. He also just released his first and only official autobiography chronicling his flamboyant lifestyle from his younger years through to today. 7. Pocket Guitar Tool Practice Kit ($29.99 at Amazon.com) Is your loved one sick of trying to nail a six-string F chord on their air guitar? Look no further. They can practice any time without creating any noise pollution or tiring their air guitar strings on this practice tool. 8. Nirvana - MTV Unplugged ($34 at Nirvana.com) This colored 2LP comes to us on the 25th anniversary of Nirvana’s iconic acoustic unplugged set, with memorable performances of “Man Who Sold the World” and “About A Girl.” 9. Smash Mouth - Recipes from the Road ($14 at Amazon) We know this only adds fire to the flame of the never-ending internet debate about whether or not Smash Mouth frontman Steve Harwell is the same person as Guy Fieri. However, this cookbook entitled Recipes from the Road, which features a collection of recipes the band loves, does feature a bold intro by Guy Fieri himself and a chapter from Sammy Haggar that delves into aliens.   10. The Vegabonds - V Limited Edition Smoke Vinyl ($25 at BlueElan.com) This smoke colored pressing of The VegabondsV. Their fifth album overall and first with Blue Elan, V was produced by Tom Tapley (Blackberry Smoke, Sugarland, Mastodon). The Tennessee bred Southern Rockers are set to close out their year-long 2019 tour by opening for Whisky Myers at their show in Atlanta. 11. Schott One Star Pefecto Leather Motorcycle Jacket ($775 at SchottNYC.com) Schott has stood at the helm of battlegrounds, cultural movements, and stadiums for over 100 years. The premier jacket for everyone from James Dean to Joan Jett and Blondie, the Schott Perfecto jacket continues to be a timeless classic fit for any rock fan. 12. Acid for the Children ($21 at Amazon) This memoir from Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist, Flea. A coming-of-age tale about Flea’s origins as a kid growing up in Los Angeles, where he discovered music as a place to channel his frustration, loneliness, and love, Acid for the Children is an unpredictable, yet inspiring ode to the power of music. 13. Fanny Walked The Earth Autographed Lithograph ($30 at BlueElan.com) In 1999, David Bowie told Rolling Stone that the 70s all-female hard rock band was extraordinary. This limited edition signed lithograph harnesses the power of she and puts the bands proud Filipina heritage on display. 14. Woodstock 50th Back to the Garden Experience ($125 at Rhino.com) While everyone wants to forget Woodstock ‘99, everyone wants to relive the most iconic music festival of our time: Woodstock. Unfortunately, they sold out of all 1,969 copies of the $800 38-CD box set. But, you can still grab the $125 5-LP Back to the Garden Experience here. 15. A Dream About Lightning Bugs: A Life of Music and Cheap Lessons ($12 at Amazon) This New York Times bestseller from Ben Folds details his artistic coming of age and process as a musician in this acclaimed memoir. It’s a remarkably witty and relatable read for musicians and fans of the creative journey alike.